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About BoozExchange

The “BoozExchange” offers a base for BoozCoins to begin it’s growth. But it will not be the only place for BoozCoin. Since BoozCoin is a free decentralized market with no single group or entity controlling the coin.

The “BoozExchange” will accept payment from sellers in BoozCoins for membership fees and will be offering users the opportunity to buy/sell alcohol products by way of communicating on or off the “BoozExchange” platform.

Buyers can communicate with sellers on the “BoozExchange” messaging app.

BoozExchange” will not be a part of the transaction and payment for products between buyer and seller directly where they may use fiat currency to transact. Fiat currency will not be part of the “BoozExchange” as “BoozExchange” is a decentralized exchange and will not handle fiat currency.

The goal is that BoozCoin becomes an accepted method of payment for the wine and spirits market internationally and for food and beverage outlets.

The incentive to use BoozCoin is determined by the market acceptance based on mass volume of usage, good awareness campaigns and promotions to incentivize users BoozCoins as rewards.

Application technology – BoozExchange

Using an existing Sure Holdings platform for wine data analytics and pricing information. Collecting data from worldwide suppliers of fine wine only at present. Developed and coded in R Shiny.

BoozExchange is a platform built for the global alcohol market. Initial launch will be based on the Sureholdings platform with wine products showing nearly all of the reputable global wine merchants offering wine per bottle and cases in different formats. Offering detailed data analytics, pivot points and charting to allow the ability to identify the lowest price per case/format of product, historical price and quantity available.

Merchants will be able to load in their price list data in an easy to use UI module.

In addition, to ensure data is there from day one, our team collects prices on over 35,000 fine wines on a daily basis and has already collected 15 years worth of data which is imported into the BoozExchange back end system.

Quantities of stock available and analytical data will be accessible via the BoozExchange.

The investment in BoozCoin will extend the platform to address 80% of the market thereby opening up the trading opportunity to smaller wineries and the mass market. In addition, funds will be used to dramatically grow the social media awareness of the BoozExchange.

The ability to exchange BoozCoins without involvement from any third party as a decentralized method of payment is huge. With no government or corporate entity owning or controlling BoozCoin, this offers BBoozCoin hodlers, superb benefits above and beyond other crypto currencies.



NFT for Wine & Spirits Opportunity

The opportunity for NFT’s in the high-end wine and spirits market is probably one of the most perfectly matching concepts for the NFT world. 


Some chateaux in Bordeaux date back centuries and have an amazing history. Chateau Haut Brion is one of the oldest first growths with records of vines being grown as far back as 1423. 


To produce an NFT to celebrate every single vintage ever produced is an amazing opportunity to seal forever a data asset & collectible item for every vintage of fine & rare wine ever produced in history. Recording the wonderful history of each Chateaux in the blockchain forever. There can be different variations of the wine in each minting, starting with the oldest vintage right up to the current year.  Verticals could be minted as special collections. 


Later on, this can be the starting ground for producing an NFT for the futures market by minting an NFT for every bottle produced in the future to prevent fraud in the market. An NFT tied to every new bottle produced can act as a record of authenticity recorded on the blockchain. There are more bottles of Chateau Lafite Rothschild in China than were ever produced. Fraud is a big problem that has plagued the fine and rare wine industry for many years.

The Data analytics platform (Took 4 years to build)

The Sureholding’s data analytics platform ”Vinho” can be used in many ways. It can be used to:

  • Analyze the historical price appreciation of a wine or spirit over time
  • Identify the most rewarding standard quantity of product (per bottle, half case etc and size of bottle)
  • Analyze and compare wine ratings from top critics.
  • Where bottles of interest are being held and who has them for sale.
  • What price range from different merchants by location.

The Sureholding’s data analytics tool provides the equivalent of a sophisticated currency trading platform but using fine wines and spirits as the “currency”.



Sample screen searches from the existing data analytics platform

Tracking the performance of a wine by vintage

Example of the historical tracking of Rothschild pricing for vintages from 1895 to 2020 by merchants with the wine available and their current offer price.

This allows the user to select the year with the best long term return and find a merchant with the product at the best price.

How to identify availability and analyze demand in any format

Example of Mouton Rothschild availability in the current market, across every format of bottle and case size. Showing the value across the global market in each case format or bottle size. Allowing a user to identify key demand areas of vintages or formats using availability.

Even groups of wines or collections can be selected. The criteria for analysis is endless.



Analysing the market prices

Allows the user to see the current minimum price at which this vintage has been most recently traded. By single vintage, groups or all vintages available.

Champagne Price Summary
Allowing a user to identify the price per bottle or case of Champagne for every single vintage available for sale in the market.



Identify Market Change over a period of time

Allowing a user to identify a change in stock holding within the market, this can offer in depth analysis of a bull or bear market as merchants choose to buy or sell off their stock holdings during any given point in time.

Note how stock holdings increased in January, depicting merchants’ confidence in the market as they hold larger quantities of stock compared to previous months.


The sole purpose (the “Purpose”) of this website and white paper (the “White Paper”) is to provide information on the initial coin offering of tokens (“Tokens”) in relation to the BoozCoin Project (as described herein) (the “ICO”).

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